Selection for the Omega of California (Loyola Marymount University) Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is carried out by a committee of LMU Phi Beta Kappa faculty and staff. This committee meets annually to screen academic records and locate students who meet the minimum requirements for membership, then make recommendations on membership for each candidate. Those candidates with a positive recommendation are advanced to the full LMU community of Phi Beta Kappa faculty and staff for discussion, followed by a final vote. Students offered Phi Beta Kappa membership are notified by March, followed by an April induction ceremony.

Effective Spring 2109, our minimum membership requirements are as listed below. Please note: meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

  1. Junior or Senior standing.
  2. Cumulative LMU grade-point average (GPA) of 3.75
  3. Completion of at least three, full-time semesters at LMU and current enrollment in a fourth.
  4. 75 percent of all credits earned must be in the liberal arts, which are defined as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, and the study (but not the practice of) the fine arts. Courses taken in pre-professional programs, such as engineering, business, and film & television production generally do not apply, unless they contain significant content of a liberal arts nature.
  5. Intermediate proficiency in a second language, generally defined as two years of study or the equivalent through placement testing (or a combination of placement testing and coursework needed to meet intermediate proficiency).
  6. At least one course in Mathematics that introduces the student to mathematical ideas, abstract thinking, proofs, and the axiomatic method.
  7. Breadth across the categories of the liberal arts, especially at the upper-division level. For instance, a natural sciences major’s academic record might reflect study at the upper-division level in the social sciences or humanities, or more advanced study in foreign language.
  8. No evidence of academic misconduct or poor character.
  9. Please note: fulfillment of the minimum requirements does not guarantee election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

For more information, please contact chapter officers or members on campus.