What Students Are Saying

ACE Students


In the LIBA1001 class, I was able to learn interview skills that proved to be very valuable in my acceptance to the UCLA Health Scholars Program. I chose some of the practice interview skills that I think best applied to the program and practiced answering them. Some suggestions discussed in class that I incorporated into my interviews were honesty in my answers, providing experiences as examples, and not memorizing answers so that they could be more fluid. I also emailed a concise statement thanking the program for my interview, and all these skills enhanced my likelihood of entering the program that I am very excited to start for my goal of practicing medicine. 

-Daisy Huerta


The ACE program was the perfect blend between providing me with a community and giving me individualized attention to help me reach my goal of applying to dental school. As a commuter student, the ACE program meant a lot to me as I made great friendships. Also, when I applied to dental school, Mr. Neal was there for me every step along the way. The program alleviated my stress of applying to school and provided me with resources and extracurricular opportunities to become a competitive applicant.

- Amira Mahomed, Class of 2023


The ACE program is a community that encourages all students in the program to strive towards reaching their full potential. Although this is the first semester taking the LIBA 1001 class, the program has already provided me with opportunities to learn more about graduate schools, experiential opportunities, and resources that I have access to that support me. All of the discussions that we have had in the ACE class has helped me realize what I need to start my journey for my path to graduate school, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and what more I can do right now to stand out amongst other applicants. 

Sarah Omachi, Class of 2025