News and Highlights

The Academic Community of Excellence would like to congratulate our scholar Luciano Manfredi and his accomplishments in the Seaver SURP program.

In his third research study on black hole theory, Luciano Manfredi’s inquiry focused on calculating the quasi-normal modes to achieve a modified gravity theory. While under the direction of his mentor and the Seaver SURP program, Luciano used his developed theory to challenge the existing theories on black holes (such as Einstein’s Theory, modified gravity theory, etc). Proclaiming it as a “huge moment for physics,” Luciano’s project was not only published in the archives online but also in one of the top journals for gravitational physics, Physics Literacy.

After his 8 week long experience in the Seaver SURP program, Luciano also attended an international conference on black hole theory and gravity in Germany. The youngest in attendance, Luciano was grateful to network with the world’s top physicist and his idol. In the end, Luciano ended his summer break with a 600 kilometers bike trip to tour the Netherlands, Amsterdamn, Belgium (just to name a few).


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