Question: I was admitted to ACE, but my friend and ideal roommate was not accepted or invited to apply. Can he/she and I still be roommates in McCarthy Hall?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. We will only accommodate roommate preferences if both students have been admitted to ACE.

Question: Are ACE students required to live in McCarthy Hall?

Answer: Yes, ACE sophomores who plan to live on campus are required to reside in McCarthy Hall; however, commuter students will not be required to live on campus. Also, rising juniors are not required to live on campus. Limited housing in Leavey 4 is available to ACE juniors.

Question: May I apply to the ACE Program as a junior or senior? 

Answer: Yes. Transfer students (both rising sophomores and juniors) are encouraged to apply. Deadlines differ for LMU and transfer students. At this time, the ACE Program does not admit seniors.

Question: I am applying to be a Resident Advisor (RA). Can I also apply to ACE?

Answer: Yes, however, ACE students must be able to attend all classes and events including the ACE orientation and fulfill other expectations for membership. Please refer to the ACE Membership Agreement in the application.

Question: Can I study abroad my first year in the ACE Program?

Answer: Sophomores who are accepted to the program are expected to participate in the entire ACE experience during their first full year in the program. Continuing students (juniors and seniors) may study abroad the following summer(s), fall or spring semester(s) after their first year in the program. Transfer students may study abroad after their first semester in the program.

Question: How does ACE differ from the McNair Scholars Program?

Answer: ACE and McNair share a commitment to supporting the graduate school aspirations of ethnically diverse students. However, ACE and McNair differ in the following ways:

  • First year and rising sophomore and junior transfer students may apply to ACE.
  • ACE assists sophomores, juniors and seniors. Because sophomore year may be a time when students reassess or discern their goals, purpose, values, interests, and major ACE supports sophomores at a pivotal juncture in their college tenure.
  • ACE assists students who wish to attend graduate or professional school in any discipline or field.
  • ACE assists students who aspire to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • ACE assists students from any major or disciplinary interest, including undeclared students, who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree.
  • ACE operates as a living-learning community in the sophomore year.
  • In the spirit of diversity, ACE supports Asian American, multiracial, international, and undocumented students.