Work For ACE

Join our Team! 

We invite students to apply for our program assistant, project coordinator, peer success leader, and graduate assistant positions! 

Students who work for ACE are interested in educational access, diversity, and inclusion issues. They also wish to apply their preexisting skills and broaden their administrative and leadership capacity. Program Assistants execute various administrative projects, tasks, and responsibilities. Peer Success Leaders and Graduate Assistants serve as orientation leaders, peer instructors, recruiters, and more. Project Coordinators help plan events, design publications, and develop resources to assist our seniors. 


  • The gratification of supporting students on the path to master's and doctoral studies.
  • Firsthand access and insight to internship, scholarship, and undergraduate research listings; resources on graduate and professional school; regional and national conferences; ACE-sponsored events; and other valuable resources.
  • Transferable administrative, leadership, and project development skills.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants must meet the following qualifications, at a minimum, to be considered:

  • Interest in the mission of the ACE program.
  • Interest in advancing the educational goals of underrepresented students.
  • Responsible, highly teachable, and capable of working on a team as well as autonomously. 

Refer to each position summary for additional qualifications.