Commencement Purchases

Save the dates!

After LMU: Cap and Gown Pick-Up

Tuesday-Thursday, April 9-11, from 10:00AM-6:00PM
Friday, April 12, from 9:00AM-3:00PM

Graduating seniors are invited to celebrate their accomplishments as an LMU student before Commencement 2019. Here, they can pick-up their cap and gown and learn about ways to stay involved as they transition from students to alumni. Students may show up during any of the above days and times and should allow for at least 15 minutes to attend. For more information, visit

Students are encouraged to visit the University Bookstore (lower level, Von der Ahe Building; 310/338-2889) or go online to order graduation regalia, announcements, sashes, diploma frames, and other graduation and Commencement-related items.

During Commencement Weekend, convenient locations throughout campus will have flowers, light snacks, coffee, and beverages for sale. Specific information will become available closer to the event.


LMU merchandise will be available at the University Bookstore. Students are welcome to wear special pins, honors cords, stoles, etc., that are offered by LMU organizations or programs but are not university-sponsored.


Personalized graduation announcements can be ordered directly from Herff Jones in Spring 2019.

Class Rings

Jostens ring representatives will be on campus for class ring orders. Look for the Jostens signs posted around campus. For locations and times, contact the Bookstore (lower level of the Von der Ahe Building, 310/338-2889).

Commemorative Footage

Commemorative footage available on digital downloads and flash drives with an unobstructed perspective of the Commencement Mass and Commencement ceremonies will be created by eVid (formally known as Graduation Nation).  Go to to order.

Diploma Frames

A variety of diploma frames is available for purchase from the University Bookstore.


Parents and students will be able to pre-order flowers from Graduation Bouquets and pick them up on campus on Commencement morning. Specific information will be posted in the Spring after it becomes available.


Parents and students will be able to pre-order LMU Fili Fili, Ribbon, and Kukui Nut leis and pick them up on campus on Commencement morning. Specific information will be posted in the Spring after it becomes available.


Professional photographers from GradImages will take students’ pictures when they receive their diploma cover. For more information, contact GradImages (, 800/261-2576). Approximately four days after the ceremony, proofs of these photos are sent to each student to the e-mail and street addresses the student specified on the back of the name card. Students should write their street and e-mail addresses on the back of their name cards, as they are used to specify where Commencement picture proofs should be sent. It is important that students stay in the same order as when they handed in their name card, since this order determines which proof-photos they will receive.


Cap and gown for Bachelor’s Degree candidates can be obtained through Herff Jones ( For additional assistance, please contact the University Bookstore (lower level, Von der Ahe Building; 310/338-2889). Students may not wear academic attire from previous ceremonies or other institutions.

At Loyola Marymount University, traditional commencement attire for Bachelor’s degree candidates consists of a black gown and cap, gold tassel, and hood trimmed in velvet corresponding in color to the subject of the degree earned. For example, a student with a major of Civil Engineering wears a hood with orange velvet trim. Please refer to the following list to ensure that you obtain the correct hood to wear at Commencement.

Hood Colors

  • Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    African American Studies (B.A.) White
    Asian and Pacific Studies (B.A.) White
    Chicana/o Studies (B.A.) White
    Classics and Archaeology (B.A.) White
    Economics (B.A.) White
    Economics (B.S.) Copper
    English (B.A.) White
    Environmental Studies (B.A.) White
    European Studies (B.A.) White
    French (B.A.) White
    Greek (B.A.) White
    History (B.A.) White
    Humanities (B.A.) White
    Individualized Studies (B.A.) White
    International Relations (B.A.) White
    Journalism (B.A.) White
    Latin (B.A.) White
    Liberal Studies (B.A.) White
    Modern Languages (B.A.) White
    Philosophy (B.A.) White
    Political Science (B.A.) White
    Psychology (B.A.) White
    Sociology (B.A.) White
    Spanish (B.A.) White
    Theology (B.A.) Scarlet
    Urban Studies (B.A.) White
    Women's Studies (B.A.) White
  • College of Business Administration
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    Accounting (B.S.A.) Drab
    Applied Information Management Systems (B.B.A.) Drab
    Applied Information Management Systems (B.S.) Drab
    Business Administration (B.B.A.) Drab
    Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.) Drab
    Finance (B.B.A.) Drab
    Management (B.B.A.) Drab
    Marketing (B.B.A.) Drab
  • College of Communication & Fine Arts
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    Art History (B.A.) White
    Communication Studies (B.A.) Silver
    Dance (B.A.) Brown
    Individualized Studies (B.A.) Brown
    Music (B.A.) Pink
    Studio Arts (B.A.) Brown
    Theatre Arts (B.A.) Brown
  • Frank R. Seaver College of Science & Engineering
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    Applied Mathematics (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Athletic Training (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Biochemistry (B.S.) Gold
    Biology (B.A.) Bright Gold
    Biology (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Chemistry (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Civil Engineering (B.S. in E.) Orange
    Computer Science (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Electrical Engineering (B.S. in E.) Orange
    Engineering Physics (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Environmental Science (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Health and Human Sciences (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Individualized Studies (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Mathematics (B.A.) Bright Gold
    Mathematics (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Mechanical Engineering (B.S. in E.) Orange
    Natural Science (B.S.) Bright Gold
    Physics (B.S.) Bright Gold
  • School of Education
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    Bilingual Elementary Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Bilingual Secondary Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Biliteracy, Leadership, and Intercultural Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Catholic Inclusive Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Catholic School Administration (M.A.) Light Blue
    Charter School Administration (M.A.) Light Blue
    Child and Adolescent Literacy (M.A.) Light Blue
    Counseling (M.A.) Light Blue
    Early Childhood Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Educational Leadership for Social Justice (Ed.D.) Light Blue
    Educational Psychology (M.A.) Light Blue
    Educational Studies (M.A.) Light Blue
    Elementary Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    General Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Guidance and Counseling (M.A.) Light Blue
    Higher Education Administration (M.A.) Light Blue
    Literacy and Language Arts (M.A.) Light Blue
    Literacy Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Reading Instruction (M.A.) Light Blue
    School Administration (M.A.) Light Blue
    School Counseling (M.A.) Light Blue
    School Psychology (Ed.S.) Light Blue
    School Psychology (M.A.) Light Blue
    Secondary Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Special Education (M.A.) Light Blue
    Teaching English as a Second Language (M.A.) Light Blue
    Urban Education (M.A.) Light Blue
  • School of Film & Television
    Major (Degree)Hood Color
    Animation (B.A.) Crimson
    Film and Television Production (B.A.) Crimson
    Individualized Studies (B.A.) Crimson
    Recording Arts (B.A.) Crimson
    Screenwriting (B.A.) Crimson