What is Honors?

The Honors class of 2025 meets each other during the summer kick-off event, Honors Summit


 “We focus and fuel the intellectual potential and curiosity of our community
to empower passionate leaders who are uniquely equipped to reimagine and reshape our world.”

What is the University Honors Program at LMU?

The University Honors Program brings together a diverse and select group of students from all five of LMU’s colleges with an innovative and dedicated faculty. Like LMU at large, we emphasize a whole-person education in service of creating a better world for all. Honors students set themselves apart by their desire to tackle exceptional challenges that stretch their intellectual and creative abilities beyond what they are required to do.  Honors students have extra requirements such as learning a second language, attending numerous co-curricular events, and writing a senior thesis. A tight-knit community—with smaller than usual core curriculum classes that emphasize discussion over lecture, one-on-one access to faculty for intellectual conversation and mentorship, and special Honors programming beyond the classroom—provides extraordinary support for remarkable accomplishments. 

Check out this Honors student-produced video
(made entirely from Student-submitted clips during the 2020 Covid remote school year!)