Who is Honors?

An Honors Theological Inquiry class on an excursion to the Norton Simon Museum

At its core, the University Honors Program truly is a community. It is a community of naturally curious, self-motivated students who love learning. It is a community of students of the world: those who embrace the challenge of finding creative solutions or approaches to problems that stretch their abilities; those who are excited to ask difficult questions and work hard to solve them; those who crave a liberal-arts, holistic approach to education, no matter their chosen major or field; those who pursue intellectual interests outside of class because they love to develop themselves. It is a community of scholars who read, write, observe, and analyze the world in order to find meaning and purpose. 


We intentionally cultivate a vibrant and diverse Honors student body. What all Honors students have in common is welcoming challenges and problems as ways of honing their minds and deepening their hearts.  Honors students come from all backgrounds, have a diversity of interests and perspectives, and arrive with a wide variety of high school experience and preparation. Whether or not you took honors or advanced placement courses or were involved in honors societies in high school is irrelevant to us; our goal is to unlock and amplify your potential for thinking, sharing, doing, and creating great things.  Honors students have chosen before coming to LMU to challenge themselves to greater levels of accomplishment than others have required them to do and are motivated to continue doing so in their college experience.