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Virtual Workshops and Trainings

Please check back regularly to find out about our upcoming workshops. 

Surveys @ LMU

This 30-minute online workshop will help you become familiar with the  adopted by LMU. You will also learn how to craft a well-rounded, ethical survey, and be given a brief introduction to , the official online survey software chosen by LMU. All faculty and staff that complete this workshop will be granted the ability to distribute surveys in Qualtrics.

The Surveys @ LMU workshop is a fully online workshop that can be completed anytime, from any computer. Send an e-mail to to request access.

Introduction to Survey Design & Instrument Development 

This workshop is designed for novice to intermediate researchers and practitioners seeking to design a new survey or enhance an existing survey. Participants will learn why and when to use surveys as a tool for collecting data, identify key audiences and objectives to inform their survey design, and how to avoid common pitfalls (e.g., double-barreled questions, leading statements, and vague quantifiers). This workshop will also cover important topics such as how to increase response rate, recruit participants, and provide practice crafting effective questions. Participants are encouraged to bring survey drafts to the workshop. Click here to access the workshop slides.