Submitting a Proposal

In order to successfully submit a proposal with the Office for Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP), you will need to complete a two-step process. Complete proposals are DUE to ORSP 8 BUSINESS DAYS prior to SPONSOR DEADLINE. This timeframe is necessary for internal review and signature approval, to format and upload documents, and for the lengthy validation process conducted by online portals. 

Step 1:

Fill out an Intent to Apply (ITA) Form. The ITA will notify ORSP that you are potentially applying for a grant.

Step 2:

Log into Cayuse. The Cayuse platform supports single sign-on, recognizing LMU faculty, staff and administrators as affiliates. When prompted, you will use your MyLMU credentials (username and password) to gain access. Note, you may be asked to complete DUO Security measures.

Please see our Cayuse Resource Page for user guides.

Feel free to contact ORSP early and often for support at or at 310-338-4599.

Pre-Award / Post-Award

Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (Pre-Award)

This includes budget review, proposal review and submission, sponsor communication, and other tasks included in applying for state, private, and federal funding. For questions, please contact the ORSP at

  • Preparing and submitting a proposal
  • Preparing a proposal budget
  • Securing appropriate approvals for the proposal and the proposed budget
  • Negotiates and accepts awards 
  • Prepares and issues subrecipient agreements and subawards to collaborators 
  • Prepares budget amendments, no cost extensions and other award modifications
  • Coordinates PI changes and transfers 

Post-Award Administration and Accounting (Controller’s Office)

This includes all financial responsibilities including account setup, budget setup, monitoring and approval of expenses, invoicing, and financial reporting. For questions, please contact Grant Accounting at

  • Setting up award and budget in accounting system 
  • Assisting PIs with processing of financial transactions
  • Reviewing grant expenditures for budget and allowability
  • Processing cost transfers of unallowable costs
  • Preparing financial reports and invoices for funders
  • Receiving and drawing down funds from sponsors
  • Providing updates on balances available for PIs and other internal parties
  • Preparing effort reporting
  • Closing out awards
  • Prepares and negotiates federal facilities and administrative agreement (overhead rate)