Friday Faculty Colloquia

The Friday Faculty Colloquia is a weekly gathering of faculty members from all disciplines to present and share research and creative activities and interests over lunch in the Collins Center. Currently, there are no scheduled upcoming events; please check back periodically.

If you are interested in presenting, please send an email to

Recorded Presentations


Medieval Tragedy, or Can We Have an Audience without a Play?" (11/10)
John Sebastian, VP for Mission & Ministry, English

Every Body Matters: Immigrant Activists on the Race, Class & Citizenship Lines of 'Bio-neglect'" (11/3)
Nadia Y. Kim, Professor, Sociology

The Past is Another Country: Accounts of Life in the Japanese Concentration Camps in Occupied Indonesia, 1942- 1945” (10/6)
Theresia de Vroom, Professor, English and Michael Berg, Professor, Mathematics

"Making Black Los Angeles" (09/22)
Marne Campbell, Associate Professor, African American Studies

"Embracing Uncertainty" (04/17)
Ben Fitzpatrick, Clarence J. Wallen, S. J. Professor & Chair, Mathematics

"The Magic Chair Project" (03/17)
Gregory Ruzzin, Associate Professor, Production Film and Television

"The Work of Han Dai-Yu" (02/17)
Han Dai-Yu, Associate Professor, Art and Art History


"The Ghost of a Raging Woman: or I Need Your Love" (04/08)
Sylvia Morales, Associate Professor, Production Film and Television

"Understanding How Birds Time Their Breeding and Migration" (03/18)
Heather Watts, Assistant Professor, Biology

"Toward a Political Epistemology of the City" (02/19)
Sina Kramer, Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies

"Stoned Thinking, Writing Rocks: The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin" (02/12)
Paul Harris, Professor, English


"Interactivity’s Immensity: Complexity in Time, Flight Safety, Interdisciplinarity, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" (11/13)
Timothy Law Snyder, Loyola Marymount University President

"The Public Intellectual" (11/06)
Fernando Guerra, Professor, Political Science Professor, and
Michael Genovese, Professor, Political Science

"The Healthy City" (10/02)
Cheryl Grills, Professor, Psychology, and
Eric Strauss, President's Professor, Seaver College of Science & Engineering

"Without God, Everything is Permitted: Some Medieval Reflections on Morality and God's Freedom" &
"Meeting in the Middle: How The Religious and Secular Work Together and Learn from Each Other in Charity and Community Organizing" (09/25)
Thomas Ward, Assistant Professor and Graduate Director of Philosophy, and
Rebecca Sager, Associate Professor, Sociology

"Teaching Religion Through an Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Global Sport Culture" (04/10)
Susan Abraham, Associate Professor, Theological Studies

"Undo, Unravel, Unwind: Public Un-Knitting and the Alexander Technique" (03/06)
Jane Brucker, Professor, Art and Art History


"Black racial formation and American Pop Culture" (11/14)
Adilifu Nama, Professor, African American Studies

"Does career and technical education strengthen the STEM pipeline? Comparing youth with and without disabilities." (11/07) 
Ernie Rose, Professor, School of Education Director, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

"The Drug War on Both Sides: Art, Violence and Healing in México and America" (10/17)
Rubén Martinez, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair, English

"Tweetspill!:The role of activist Twitter appeal strategies in the traditional Media Coverage of the Keystone Pipeline Controversy" (03/21)
Christopher Finlay, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

"Ingestion and Identity:Class,Consumption, and social Reform in Victorian Britain and Ireland" (03/14)
Amy Woodson-Boulton, Associate Professor, History


"Schooling the Flesh: The Body, Pedagogy and Inequality" (11/18)
Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Professor, Marketing and Business Law

"Schooling the Flesh: The Body, Pedagogy and Inequality" (11/08)
Antonia Darder, President's Endowed Chair, Educational Leadership

"The Seething Sapphic Septet: Revolting Bodies, Queer Intimacies, and the Neoliberal Penal State" (10/25)
Kyra Pearson, Associate Professor, Communication Studies

"Measuring Pesticides & Other Organic Contaminants in Southern California Coastal Waters" (09/27)
Rachel Adams, Professor, Civil Engineering

“Classmates with Disabilities and Students’ Socio-Emotional Outcomes” (04/05)
Michael Gottfried, Assistant Professor, Specialized Programs in Urban Education

“Ecosystem Aromas: Implications or Earth’s Atmospheric Health"  (03/22)
Nicole Bouvier-Brown, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Imperial Politics: Environmentalism, Power, and the Life and Death of the Salton Sea" (02/15)
Traci Voyles, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies

"Choreographing Oral Histories" (02/08)
Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo, Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts & Dance

"The Making of a Narrative Feature Film within the Context of LMU: The Gods of Garbage - presentation and screening of excerpts" (02/01)
Mikael Kreuzriegler, Assistant Professor, Film & Television Production


"Perplexities about the Good: the Case of Bioethics" (11/30)
Roberto Dell'Oro, Professor, Theological Studies

"Fashioning Citizenships: Ugly Betty, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Resistant Cultural Politics on Television" (11/02)
Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson, Assistant Professor, Chicana/o Studies

"Notes on Teaching the Subject of Grief" (10/05)
Ronald Marasco, Professor, Theatre Arts

"Lessons in Equity, K-12 and 13-16: A Sabbatical Report" (09/21)
Jacqueline Dewar, Professor, Mathematics

"Lifting as We Climb: Women and Peace Building in Post-Conflict Liberia and Uganda" (04/13) 
Cassandra Veney, Associate Professor, Political Science 

"Interdisciplinarity and Film, TV and Media Studies" (03/30)
Sue Scheibler, Associate Professor, Film and Television Studies 

"Mediated Sport, Gender, Fanship, and Consumer Culture: Reflections on a Dirty Research Agenda" (03/23)
Lawrence Wenner, Von der Ahe Chair, Communication and Ethics

"Nanoparticles and Energy: How Little Things Control the Transport of Heat" (03/09)
Todd Otanicar, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

"Koreatown/Remixed: Twenty Years After the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992" (02/17)
Edward Park, Director, Asian Pacific American Studies

"Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Cultivating Heretofore Largely Untapped American Mathematical Talent" (02/10)
Herbert Medina, Professor, Mathematics

"The Death of Mercy" (01/27)
John Parrish, Associate Professor, Political Science


"The Church in China" (12/02)
Thomas Rasuch, S.J., Professor of Theological Studies

"A Role for Quantum Mechanics in Clean Energy" (11/18)

Emily Jarvis, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Postcards from Greece: The Uses of Antiquity in Late Interwar Tourist Publications" (audio only) (11/11)
Katerina Zacharia, Professor, Classics

"Benefits and Obstacles: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Second Life" (10/21)
Stephanie August, Associate Professor, Computer Science, and
Michele Hammers, Associate Professor, Communication Studies 

"Student Expression: Facebook and Beyond" (10/07)
Martha McCarthy, Presidential Professor, Educational Leadership

"Keeping Company with the Saints: The Latin@ Sense of the Sacred" (09/30)
Cecilia González-Andrieu, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies