LMU Sue and friends studying together in the library

Academic Resource Center

Welcome to the ARC! We offer academic advising, writing center and tutoring support, and first-generation student resources.

A photo of a male student reading while lounging on a cushion
Decompression Zone

A quiet place to relax, reflect and recenter yourself, the Decompression Zone is a private room for students and staff. This space features low lighting, a table for journaling/sketching, and a meditation mat. We welcome you to use the space for personal needs, such as napping, studying meditating, etc. The Decompression Zone is located in Daum Hall 216 and open to Lions who could use a moment to themselves. Visit us to decompress with coloring books, puzzles, calming teas, candy/chocolate, bracelet-making embroidery floss, reflection journals, a mindfulness meditation app, and more! To use the Decompression Zone, visit the ARC (Daum Hall, second floor) and a receptionist will reserve the space for you.