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Fall 2019 Course Tutoring Schedules

Tutoring and other forms of academic support are meant to supplement, not replace, course instruction. We have found that students who attend class regularly, complete their assignments, and who meet with faculty during office hours in addition to using the ARC resources tend to outperform their peers. The ARC does not offer private tutoring. Our services are for current LMU students only.

Please click the Fall 2019 Tutor Schedule for tutoring dates and times.

Please click below to schedule appointments with the following tutoring sessions.

Please note that only the on-line Chinese and French tutoring sessions need to be made through this medium. The walk-in Chinese and French tutoring sessions may be attended without the need to schedule online.

Chinese (online): Thursday, 2pm-3pm

French (online): Tuesday, 4:30pm-5:30pm


For Japanese scheduling, please note that in order to book a whole 60 or 80-minute tutoring session, you must book 3 or 4 appointment times below, as each session is just 20 minutes in length.

Japanese 1: Monday, 3pm-3:20pm

Japanese 1: Monday, 3:20pm-3:40pm 

Japanese 1: Monday, 3:40pm-4pm

Japanese 1: Monday, 4pm-4:20pm

Japanese 1: Monday, 5:20pm-5:40pm

Japanese 1: Monday, 5:40-6pm

Japanese 1: Monday, 6pm-6:20pm

Japanese 3: Tuesday, 5pm-5:20pm

Japanese 3: Tuesday, 5:20pm-5:40pm

Japanese 3: Tuesday, 5:40-6pm

Japanese 3: Tuesday, 6pm-6:20pm

Japanese 1: Wednesday, 1:50pm-2:10pm

Japanese 1: Wednesday, 2:10pm-2:30pm

Japanese 1: Wednesday, 2:30pm-2:50pm

Japanese 3: Wednesday, 3pm-3:20pm

Japanese 3: Wednesday, 3:20pm-3:40pm

Japanese 3: Wednesday, 3:40pm-4pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 11:30pm-11:50pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 11:50am-12:10pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 12:10pm-12:30pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 1:50pm-2:10pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 2:10pm-2:30pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 2:30pm-2:50pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 5:10pm-530pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 5:30pm-5:50pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 5:50pm-6:10pm

Japanese 3: Thursday, 6:10pm-6:30pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 6:30pm-6:50pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 6:50pm-7:10pm

Japanese 1: Thursday, 7:10pm-7:30pm

Japanese 1: Friday, 3pm-3:20pm

Japanese 1: Friday, 3:20pm-3:40pm

Japanese 1: Friday, 3:40pm-4pm


Please click the Fall 2019 Physics tutoring schedule for tutoring dates and times. 

Please click the Fall 2019 Economics Fall 2019 Economics tutoring schedule for tutoring dates and times.

The Fall 2019 Math tutoring schedule is displayed below:

If you are in need of additional Math assistance, please see below:

Questions? Review the FAQ sections for more on tutoring, then contact us:

Call: 310.338-2847 Email:

Visit: Daum Hall, 2nd Floor