Meet the Course Tutors

Agatha Keeley 

Agatha Keeley, French

Agatha Keeley is a film production major and Chinese minor, class of 2020. She is half French and half American. Agatha lived in Paris, Shanghai, New York, and now Los Angeles. She tutors French because it is her native language and is constantly looking for ways to speak it on a more consistent basis. 


Courtney Sprouse 

Courtney Sprouse, Dance Kinesiology

Courtney Sprouse is a dancer and choreographer from Portland, Oregon. She is earning her B.A. in Dance, with a minor in Theater Arts. Courtney has been studying ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary techniques since the age of seven and has performed across the United States. 


Isabel Barbosa

Isabel Barbosa, Spanish

Isabel Barbosa is originally from Denver, Colorado. At 15, she was chosen to study abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she was immersed in Spanish only classes and lived with a host family. Isabel chose to pursue a double major in Spanish and Entrepreneurship and studied abroad in Madrid, Spain during her sophomore year in college.


Jamie Klapp

Jamie Klapp, General Chemistry

Jamie Klapp, a sophomore, is a biology major. She studied evolutionary biology last summer for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and is now involved in atmospheric chemistry research and various other volunteer ventures. 


Jiayan Li 

Jiayan (Lily) Li, Chinese

 Lily Li is majoring in Biochemistry and loves Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Stranger Things. She has a cat, Eleven (The name is not from Stranger Things. Eleven is older than that show.). Lily plays League of Legends and doesn’t like even numbers, except for the perfect ones.


Katherine Martinez-Fuentes 

Katherine Martinez-Fuentes, Spanish

Katherine Martinez-Fuentes was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is an Accounting and Spanish major, with a minor in Italian. Katherine is a member of Alpha Phi and likes to watch Netflix and Hulu.


Kelsey Ang

Kelsey Ang, Dance Kinesiology

Kelsey Ang was born in the Philippines and raised in Hong Kong. She is a junior and is double majoring in Business and Dance. She is excited to tutor dance kinesiology and facilitate the learning process for students this semester.


Luke Shinoda

Luke Shinoda, Japanese

Luke Shinoda is a junior from Tokyo, Japan, majoring in International Relations. He is a graduate of St. Mary's International School and is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, The One Night Stanzas, and the External Vice President of Nikkei Student Union. 


Moyo Shiina

Moyo Shiina, Japanese

Moyo Shiina is from Tokyo, Japan. She is a film production major and likes Japanese pop music, comics, and anime.


Natalie Wilkie

Natalie Wilkie, General Chemistry

Natalie Wilkie is a senior biochemistry major. Her career goal is to attend graduate school and pursue a Ph.D. in Chemical Biology to, hopefully, one day become a research professor. Natalie is involved in many organizations around campus, including Lions for VFC, Chemistry Society, and Gryphon Circle Service Organization.


Rachel Napierkowski

Rachel Napierkowski, Philosophy

Raised in Denver, Colorado, Rachel Napierkowski moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the animation industry. She went on to minor in Philosophy after discovering her love for it while at LMU. 


Riku Sekino

Riku Sekino, Japanese

 Riku Sekino, a senior, hails from Japan and is a Marketing major and Graphic Design minor.


Riku Shionoya (Rick)

Riku Shionoya (Rick), Japanese

Rick Shionoya is an exchange student from Japan. He loves to watch sports and engage in various other extra-curricular activities.


Scott Clark

Scott Clark, Organic Chemistry

Scott Clark is a junior and a biochemistry major from San Jose, CA. He graduated from Bellarmine College Preparatory, where he played baseball. Scott is currently conducting research in Dr. Jeremy McCallum’s lab, where he is synthesizing novel organic compounds targeted to inhibit amyloid aggregation in the progression of Type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


Tali Rupp

Tali Rupp, German

Tali Rupp is a Marketing major and German Minor. She grew up all over the world and has lived in Israel, South Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Florida, and Spain. Tali is German and grew up speaking the language at home. Other than tutoring German, she is also a part of the M-school and a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a Co-ed professional business fraternity. 


Tancredi Di Paoli

Tancredi Di Paoli, Italian

Tancredi Di Paoli is an Italian filmmaker and studies Film & TV Production and Animation. He is very glad to know that there are students who wish to learn a language as beautiful and as difficult as Italian. Tancredi is looking forward to helping them succeed in becoming confident with his native language.


Tanesha May

Tanesha May, Psychology

Tanesha May is a junior, with a double major in Mathematics and Psychology. 


Veronica Tan

Veronica Tan, Psychology

Veronica is a junior and a Psychology major, double minoring in Music and Theatre Arts. She is classically trained in the violin and has performed in France. Veronica has been traveling internationally since she was a child and has been to over 15 countries. Her favorite country, thus far, is Japan.


XI (Jennifer) Chen

Xi (Jennifer) Chen, Japanese

Jennifer Chen is a sophomore and a Photography major.