Course Tutoring FAQ


  • What does "Content Tutoring" include?

    "Content tutoring" includes all tutoring that helps you master the content knowledge specific to the course and discipline. In Economics, the content in a tutoring session might include learning about supply and demand, while in Chemistry your content tutoring might include learning about ionic bonds. "Content tutoring" covers a broad range of classes, disciplines, and tutoring styles, but does not include helping you with writing. Visit a writing tutor for those needs.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    You do not need an appointment for most content tutoring; just show up at the location on the day and time listed on our main tutoring page. If you can make an appointment, you'll find a link on the main tutoring page.

  • How long is a content tutoring session?

    Tutoring sessions generally last 30 minutes, but some content tutoring functions more like a study group with longer sessions. While most tutors prefer you to show up at the beginning of a session, you are welcome to drop in after the starting time.

  • Are content tutoring sessions 1-on-1, or shared with other students?

    Our content tutoring is only offered in a group setting. Because content tutoring does not require an appointment, the size of the group each session will vary.

  • What should I do if there's no ARC content tutoring for the subject I need?
    1. First, ask whether this is a course with writing assignments.  If so, take your assignments to a writing tutor, and you can develop your understanding of the content through your written work.   This is a great strategy for many core classes, like History, American Cultures, Philosophy, and Theology.
    2. Visit office hours, and let your instructor know that ARC tutoring is unavailable.  Sometimes he or she can offer alternative strategies.
    3. Visit tutoring for a course in a related field: you might meet others and form a study group, or meet students who've already taken the class and performed well.
    4. Please let the ARC know that you want tutoring in a particular course: if others share the need, we will try to offer tutoring in the future.

Still got questions?  Call the ARC front desk at 310.338.2847, or email us at