Student Honors Advisory Council


The Student Honors Advisory Council (SHAC) is a student-run organization of which everyone in the University Honors Program is a member. SHAC’s purpose is to:

  • Advise the University Honors Program Administrators and the Honors Advisory Council (HAC).
  • Assist in the planning and execution of select Honors academic events, socials, recruitment, mentoring, service projects, etc.
  • Promote community and foster peer-support among Honors students.
  • Promote the visibility of the University Honors Program on the LMU campus.
  • Strengthen affinity and networking of Honors alumni with the Honors Program.
  • Develop sophisticated and cosmopolitan scholars, artists, and leaders.

Every Honors student is automatically a part of SHAC. It is up to you as an Honors student to contribute ideas for programs and to see them through, but you will have plenty of help in doing so. The Honors Program Student Associates are resources to provide you with the information and assistance necessary for SHAC to be successful. They will all have regular office hours to respond to your inquiries, book venues, supply and process paperwork, etc.

For further information about SHAC, please contact the SHAC Executive Board at