Honors Living and Learning Communities

Ask our students what aspect of Honors has meant the most to them and they consistently answer, “community.” Our program fosters a tight-knit community among students and faculty from the first day students arrive to campus.

The Honors Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) are housing options for Honors students, available all four years. The first-year Honors LLC is a great way to get involved with the Honors Program as soon as you enter LMU. You will live with other first-year students in the Honors Program, which allows you to get to know your peers. Since you will be taking many of the same classes as the other Honors first-years, the Honors LLC provides a good support system and built-in study group. In addition, there are many programs established by your Honors Residence Advisors (RAs) and the Honors Faculty Fellow for you to get involved and to meet new people inside and outside of the program. While you do not have to live in the Honors LLC, it is highly recommended.

Check out this video of life in the first-year Honors LLC, made by one of our Honors students!

The first-year LLC is housed in Del Rey North. The second-, third-, and fourth-year LLC is in the O'Malley Apartments.


Photos of the honors LLC community