IRB Committee

The Institutional Review Board Committee is convened under 45 CFR 46, the 45th Federal Regulatory Code, Section 46. This Committee has the final word on whether or not a research protocol generated by this institution is in abidance with federal, state, institutional, and professional codes surrounding conduct of Human Subjects Research. This Board reports directly to federal investigators upon request. It falls under the broader area of Compliance.


David Moffet, Ph.D., IRB Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Maire Ford, Ph.D., Psychology
Stephen Heller, Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kayoko Okada, Ph.D. Psychology
Elizabeth Reilly, Ed.D., Educational Leadership

Jennifer Belichesky, Ed.D., Student Affairs
Michelle Castellanos Ph.D., Surveys and Evaluation

Andrew Bouvier-Brown, J.D., Attorney at Law

Alternate Members:
Brett Hoover, Ph.D., Theological Studies
Marie Kennedy, M.S.I.S., Serials and Electronic Resources

Ex Officio:
Julie Paterson, Research Compliance Specialist (non voting)

Meeting Schedule:
The IRB is mandated to meet on a regular basis to make determinations on protocols which require a Full Review.  The LMU IRB Committee meets each month as needed.

Application Deadline:
IRB applications received in one month are reviewed at the next month's scheduled meeting. Applications received on the first of the month will be accepted at that month's meeting. A complete application packet is made up of the Application Questionnaire and Cover Sheets, Informed Consent Form tailored to your project, Human Subjects Bill of Rights, Questionnaires and Surveys, and any other pertinent materials.