IACUC Expedited Review of Protocols

Requests for Expedited Review are considered when extraordinary circumstances require that any of the above review activities take place sooner than would occur under the normal review process.  The granting of an Expedited Review is rare.  The Expedited Review process includes the following steps:

  • Written Request – The PI must submit a written request for Expedited Review, along with a completed protocol application to the IACUC Chair.  The written request should clearly explain the need for Expedited Review.
  • Determination – When the request for Expedited Review is received, the IACUC Chair will confer with the Veterinarian and another member of the IACUC to determine if the request has merit. The Chair will notify the PI of the determination.  If the request for Expedited Review is not granted, the review activity will take place via the standard procedures (FCR, DMR) .
  • Emergency Meeting – If the request for Expedited Review is granted, the IACUC Chair will convene an emergency meeting of the IACUC, which the PI must attend.  The Chair will forward the application and other relevant materials to all IACUC members prior to the meeting.  A quorum of IACUC members must be present at the meeting, and a majority vote is required for any formal action [for example, approval, or modification required (to secure approval)].