Faculty Promotions

Congratulations to all of the faculty and librarians who were promoted in 2021. Their talents, creativity, and commitment to our students invigorate the LMU community.

Rank and Tenure Promotions

Promotion to Full Professor

Carla Bittel, History, BCLA

My Bui-Nguyen, Marketing and Business Law, CBA

Christina Eubanks-Turner, Mathematics, SCSE

Anna Harrison, Theological Studies, BCLA

Karen Huchting, Educational Leadership, SOE

Adriana Jaroszewicz, Animation, SFTV

Emily Jarvis, Chemistry & Biochemistry, SCSE

Inas Kelly, Economics, BCLA

Thomas Laurent, Mathematics, SCSE

Philip Molebash, Teaching and Learning, SOE

Charlotte Radler, Theological Studies, BCLA

Nicolas Rosenthal, History, BCLA

Rebecca Sager. Sociology, BCLA

Leon Wiebers, Theatre Arts & Dance - Theatre, CFA

Amy Woodson-Boulton , History, BCLA

Jie Xu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, SCSE


Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure

Shaun Anderson, Communication Studies, CFA

Arnab Banerji, Theatre Arts & Dance, CFA

Sean Dempsey, History, BCLA

Jason D'Mello, Management, CBA

Louvenia Jackson, Marital & Family Therapy, CFA

Meng Li, Communication Studies, CFA

Brett Marroquin, Psychology, BCLA

Kathryn Mouzakis, Chemistry & Biochemistry, SCSE

Aidin Namin, Marketing and Business Law, CBA

Katherine Pickert, English, BCLA

Melody Rodari, Art & Art History, CFA

Scott Roniger, Philosophy, BCLA


Awarded Tenure

Margarita Murphy, Production Film and Television, SFTV


Promotion to Clinical Associate Professor

Christina Bogdanou, Modern Greek Studies, BCLA 

Nicholas Brown, Bioethics, BCLA

Deanna Cooke, Psychology, BCLA

Matt Stefl, Marketing and Business Law, CBA

Rebecca Stephenson, Educational Leadership and Administration, SOE 


Promotion to Senior Lecturer

Shonda Buchanan , Core and African American Studies, BCLA

Lauren Cole, History, BCLA

Nate Sessoms, Sociology, BCLA

Albaro Ibarra, Marketing and Business Law, CBA

Kristine Kawamura, Management, CBA

Mitch Rufca, Management, CBA

Brandon Shamim, Management, CBA

Pamela Sklar, Management, CBA

Kristin Doidge, Communication Studies, CFA

Ryan Dorin, Music, CFA

Saba Lurie, Marital and Family Therapy, CFA

Ruth Xilomen Rio, Marital and Family Therapy, CFA

Jacqueline Gomez, Teaching and Learning, SOE 

Kelly  Keller, Teaching and Learning, SOE

Lynette Larson, Teaching and Learning, SOE

Courtney Matz, Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology, SOE

Susan Mora, Specialized Programs in Professional Psychology, SOE

Sapphire Sandalo, Animation, SOE

Jay Williams, Screenwriting, SOE


Promotion in Rank, Librarians

Nataly Blas, Reference & Instruction, William H. Hannon Library