Sean Horrigan, Ph.D.

Student Affairs Administrator, USD

Dr. Sean Horrigan currently serves as a student affairs administrator at the University of San Diego. Over ten years ago he co-founded the restorative justice program at USD as an alternative to building community and addressing harms. Sean has taught graduate courses on the subject of leadership, human development, and restorative justice at multiple universities. Currently, he also teaches at the University of San Diego's Center for Restorative Justice in the Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership certificate program. He brings an expertise on the use of RJ at faith-based and mission-driven universities where he frequently provides training services. He also organizes a network of Catholic colleges dedicated to promoting interest and implementation of restorative practices on campus. Sean has a BA in Education from the University of Northern Iowa and an MA and Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego.