Southern California RJ Consortium

The Southern California RJ Consortium brings advocates and practitioners from higher education institutions, K12 school districts, community organizations, practitioners, and advocates together quarterly to:

  • Collaborate on scholarship and lessons learned to build efficacy by creating a strong network of Restorative Practices (RP) educators, advocates, and practitioners
  • Educate future generations of RP leaders for scholarship, practice, and implementation by increasing support for Restorative Practices in educational institutions
  • Research education and implementation processes to establish and disseminate lessons learned in the region
  • Create a regional model that can be replicated nationwide

Special thanks to the anonymous donor that helped launch the Southern California Restorative Practices Consortium with a generous grant to the CURes Restorative Justice (RJ) Project in 2020.

Empowerment Evaluation Research

The Empowerment Evaluation is a method used for ensuring shared leadership in an evaluation process. 

Case Studies

These Case Studies illustrate how Community Building Circles and Restorative Conferences work. Please note that the names referenced within the case studies have been changed for privacy purposes. 


Our quarterly Southern California Restorative Justice Consortium Newsletter consists of upcoming meetings, events in the network, research articles, resources, recommendations from our advisory council, and member features. 

Featured Publications and Webinars by Consortium Members

Gwynn Alexander - Program Development and Grants Manager, Restorative Justice Project, LMU

Tanynya Hekymara - Trainer and Consultant, Restorative Justice Project, LMU

Julia Wade - Associate Director of Restorative Practices, LMU

Ariane White - Director of Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center Alliance, LMU

Southern California Restorative Justice Consortium Video

In this video, members of the Southern California Restorative Justice Consortium explain what restorative justice is and its significance.

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Outreach for this project is ongoing, and we welcome anyone interested in joining or learning more about the Consortium to sign up for our listserv. To learn more, please contact us at or (310) 338-4442.


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Advisory Council

Southern California Restorative Justice Consortium Membership Map

Please note that that inclusion on the map is not an endorsement of the services provided by members included, but rather a desire for networking and collaboration.

Southern California Restorative Justice Consortium Member Organizations