• Equity-Oriented Restorative Justice Resource Library
    This library was developed through the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools CA MTSS Research Consortium, a network of educators and scholars who are experts in issues of race, education and school climate.
  • National Association of Community and Restorative Justice
    Promotes effective forms of justice that are safe, just, equitable, sustainable, reparative, and socially constructive, addressing crime, conflict, incivility, injustice, and all forms of harm.
  • Restorative Justice on the Rise
    Public dialogue on justice to provide connection, advocacy, education, and inspired action as a public service to individuals and communities seeking to proactively improve relationships and structures within their spheres and our world.
  • Catholic Mobilizing Network
    A restorative justice approach undergirds opposition to the death penalty, centers the needs of victim-survivors, promotes racial equity, honors indigenous peacemaking tradition, and actualizes forgiveness and reconciliation.



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