Case Study: Stolen Phone 

Josh misplaced his phone. His teacher assured Josh that she would ask her students to help look for the phone. At the beginning of the school year, she implemented Community Building Circles and got to know these students pretty well. Having built strong bonds she said, "I just want to talk with you because a student's phone has gone missing. So, if any of you know where it is or who took it – the right thing to do would be to give the phone back."

Right after class, Shawn, Taylor, and Mike approached the teacher and asked, "What does it say about a person's character if a person stole something and then brought it back?" The teacher responded, "That would say a lot about the person's character. And it wouldn't say much about their character if they didn't return it." The teacher could see the boys were really thinking about what she said. The boys answered, "Oh, we found this phone."