Teacher / Student Discord

Case Study: Teacher / Student Discord

Mr. Carton had difficulties with one of his students, Susan, who was acting rebellious, missing from class, and getting poor grades. A Restorative Conference was convened with a trained facilitator, Mr. Carlton, the student, her father, the Psychiatric Social Worker, and the Instructional Specialist. Mr. Carlton shared how Susan’s behavior was disruptive in the classroom. He also talked about how he was disappointed because he could see Susan’s potential and how she was wasting it. Susan and her father shared how they were having problems getting along at home. The group collectively worked out a written agreement to communicate more effectively with each other.

Mr. Carlton commented a week later: “At first, I wasn’t convinced it would work. As a result of the Restorative Conference, Susan has made a 180 degree turn for the better. Her grades have gone up 9% from a C to a B minus. She is making an effort to not fall behind in her work. I wanted to ask her, “Who are you? “ All of her spite seems to be gone. Her whole attitude has shifted and she greets me in the halls. No more avoiding me, eye rolling, or speaking with contempt in her voice. It’s unreal."