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Los Angeles is America's trendsetter. What happens here forecasts national trends, which makes it important for leaders to understand what residents think. Now, more than ever, solid and sound public opinion data matter.

Forecast LA is an annual presentation of data that captures trends across demography, geography, and time to provide a unique perspective into the civic, economic, and cultural realities of Los Angeles. Since 2014, these events have provided leaders with the information they need to make strategic planning decisions that will best serve Angelenos and make way for a better tomorrow. 

Forecast LA features results from StudyLA's Los Angeles Public Opinion Survey, the largest annual social survey of any metropolitan area in urban America. 


In 2022, Forecast LA will be hosted across multiple virtual events, each with a focus on a topical issue.

This year's publication is available below. Click here to request a physical copy.

  • Public Opinion on Race Relations

    Thursday, April 28, 2022

    Every five years, StudyLA asks Angelenos about race relations to take the city's pulse in the aftermath of the 1992 unrest that followed the Rodney King verdict. In 2022, city of Los Angeles residents (n=1,000) were asked about the likelihood of similar riots or disturbances in the next five years, how racial and ethnic groups in Los Angeles are getting along these days, and how race relations have changed.

    Data Brief – 30 Years Later: Race Relations

    Slide Deck – Race Relations


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