Student Research Team

Welcome to Los Angeles, your new home and classroom. This world-class city offers diverse cultural, creative, and intellectual wealth along with boundless opportunities for innovation. 

StudyLA joins academics with engaged learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. We are one of the leading undergraduate research centers in the nation with extensive experience in conducting public opinion surveys, leadership studies, community studies, and culture and climate assessments. By joining our research team, students get practical experience in research and gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly changing political, economic, and cultural context in which we live, work, and play.

Undergraduate Students

Mariah Allen '26

Caroline Andrews '24

Bella Buccino '27

Tyler Bushey '24

Dylan Flood '24

Garrett Howard Jimenez '26

Athena Mahajani '25

Marcie Marquez '27 

Zoe McMullen '26

Ana Trandafirescu '24

Elijah Vera '26

Hannah Washington '23


For more information about StudyLA’s student research team, please contact:
Lydia Lopez Wolfe, Senior Administrative Coordinator, at