The Core encourages students to value learning and to carry that love of learning into their future lives. Valuing learning has two key components: a distinctively Catholic, humanistic vision of intellectual inquiry as well as the cultivation of particular skills. Both are necessary for students to be thoughtful, critical, and engaged citizens of the world.

The Core educates and values the whole person. The LMU University Core therefore emphasizes the formation of students as whole persons, integrated in thinking, feeling, and action. As such, the Core includes intellectual, creative/artistic, and moral development. The Core invites students to analyze their relationship to others, to the world, and to God. The Core serves faith by bringing students to a critical and appreciative understanding of religious traditions, and to see the search for God as intrinsic to the human condition.

The Core recognizes LMU’s special role in fostering discerning and active members of diverse communities—local and global. The Core includes the study of ethical theories and moral development, through which students come to recognize the value of acting rightly and using knowledge mindfully in the promotion of justice.

Core Learning Outcomes

The University Core Curriculum provides a common foundation for every undergraduate student at LMU. Through the Core, LMU students will:

  • Develop fundamental skills in writing, speaking, and quantitative and analytical reasoning;
  • Examine God, self, society, and the world using a variety of methods and perspectives;
  • Become creative and critical thinkers;
  • Become people for others.