University Honors Program & the Core

Through small seminar-style classes with LMU's best professors, student-created and student-led publications and programs, Honors housing, special events and speakers, and independent research opportunities, every student in the University Honors Program is encouraged to become a first rate scholar and citizen of the greater intellectual conversation. Honors students must take the Core courses designated “Honors.” All other Core courses may be satisfied through the university-wide Core course offerings. For more information visit the Honors website

CORE CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS: UNIVERSITY HONORS PROGRAM                                                                       


Honors Introduction to Honors (1 hr)

Honors First Year Seminar (1 course)

Quantitative/Mathematical Reasoning (satisfied through the requirements of the Honors Core)

Honors Theological Inquiry (1 course)

Honors Philosophical Inquiry (1 course)

Studies in American Diversity (1 course)



Creative Experience (1 course)

Honors Historical Analysis and Perspectives (1 course)

Nature of Science, Technology, and Math (1 course)

Honors Literary Analysis (1 course)

Understanding Human Behavior (1 course)

Honors Research and Exhibition (1 hr)



Faith and Reason (1 course)

Honors Ethics and Justice (1 course)

Honors Post-Bac Success Seminar (1 hour)

Honors Thesis

Honors Portfolio and Assessment (0 hours)


All Honors students must achieve proficiency (the equivalent of two semesters of LMU study) in a second language. International students who pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are exempt from this requirement. The requirement may also be satisfied by achieving AP Foreign Language credit (4 or 5 on the AP exam) or receiving placement into 2103 or higher on the Foreign Language placement exam.