Admission Policies

All students admitted to Loyola Marymount University must meet the required academic standards for admission. The University does not engage in any affirmative action programs for students with disabilities, which means that students with disabilities desiring to enroll in any particular school, program, service or activity must also be able to meet the minimal standards of both the University and the particular school, program, service or activity to which admission is sought.

A prospective student with a disability is not required to disclose his or her disability, nor may university personnel inquire about it during the admission process. However, if the prospective student discloses a disability, discussion may take place, although such information cannot adversely affect admission.

Once admitted to the university, a student may choose whether or not to disclose a disability. A student with a disability will not receive accommodations unless he or she requests accommodations and follows the University's procedures for obtaining those services.

Pre-Admission Counseling

The DSS Office will respond to all telephone inquiries about our office and how we can help new students who have disabilities. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the University and the DSS Office prior to the start of their first semester. If a prospective student would like to meet with a member of the DSS staff on the day of their visit, it is best if they call in advance to arrange an appointment. This can be done by calling (310) 338-4216.