Note Taking Accommodations

Note taking services involve the DSS Office hiring a student in the class to work as a note taker for the student registered with DSS. These notes are intended to be solely for the DSS student and are not to be distributed to other students in the class. In addition, note taking services are not meant to be used in place of classroom attendance. Rather, the notes provided are meant to serve as a supplement to the notes taken by the DSS student.

To recruit note takers the DSS Coordinator will email the faculty to make them aware that a note taker is needed for the class. Then, the DSS Coordinator will email the class recruiting a note taker. If one is not found through this method, then the DSS Coordinator will email the faculty requesting their assistance in identifying a note taker for the class. 

Note taking services are confidential. Students who request note taking are asked to provide the class name and CRN number for each class they are requesting note taking services. DSS then serves as an intermediary between the student and the note taker. At no time should the student's identity be revealed to the note taker without the student's expressed written consent.