DSS Online Services

The DSS Online Services website is available for students to apply for, or manage approved accommodations. This system means that students will be able to manage their accommodations from wherever they are!

The tutorials below will help you to navigate different areas of the system. The tutorials are for students interested in applying, students registered with DSS, faculty, and students wishing to apply as note takers.

New Student Application

Students interested in receiving accommodations from the university will need to apply using the online application.

Notifying faculty of approved accommodations

Through the DSS Online Services website, students will be able to choose which accommodations they would like to use for each course.

Students scheduling exams

Students approved for testing accommodations, who need to have the exams proctored by DSS, will need to schedule each of their exams online.

Faculty notification / Alternative Testing Agreement

For those students who want to use their accommodations in class, DSS will email the faculty letting them know what accommodations the individual is approved to receive. If the student has testing accommodations, faculty may use a link in the email to submit an Alternative Testing Agreement, providing instructions on how DSS should proctor the exam. Student will need to schedule their individual exams.

Apply as a note taker

Students who wish to be note takers must apply through the DSS Online Services website. They will be able to enter their class registration numbers (CRNs) so that DSS may offer them the opportunity, should a note taker be needed in any of their classes.