One of the major changes that both parents and students face in the transition to college is confidentiality. Up until now, parent's have been able to access their student's records. At the college level, all records are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and therefore become confidential. 

The records maintained by the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office are kept confidential and are not part of the student's academic record. This would include all documentation of the disability as well as correspondence to the student. In order to discuss a student's file with any third party (parents, physicians, LMU faculty/staff, etc.), the student will need to sign a Release of Information. Please note, for DSS records, the release of Information form needs to be signed even if your student has already completed the Authorization to Release Student Records form that is available through the Office of the Registrar.

Once a student signs a release, it is solely for the exchange of information. It does not allow the third party to act on the behalf of the student. The DSS Office does recognize that in K - 12 parents are often the ones who advocate for their student, but at the college level students are expected to advocate for themselves. Students are encouraged to contact DSS directly with any questions or concerns.

Student information may be released without signed consent in the event of an emergency on a need-to-know basis or in the case of a legal mandate.

If you have any questions about the DSS confidentiality policy, please contact our office at (310) 338-4216.