Exam Accommodations

Alternative testing accommodations may include extended time, a separate testing environment, use of a computer, calculator, and adaptive equipment. Some testing accommodations will require the student to take exams in the DSS Office.

DSS is unable to proctor exams administered online as the student’s internet access cannot be monitored.

If the sole testing accommodation is 50% extended time, faculty are asked to proctor the exam. Depending on the schedule of the faculty and student, the student may take the exam in class, in the faculty’s office, or in some other predetermined location. Faculty should provide a testing environment that is quiet, accessible, and that the student will not be unduly interrupted. If faculty are not able to provide an adequate testing environment for the student, they may request that students with 50% extended time schedule exams in the DSS Office.

If the student has more than 50% extended time, uses a computer, utilizes assistive technology/adaptive equipment, or other accommodations faculty are unable to provide, then faculty and student may make arrangements for the exam to be taken with the DSS. Please note, scheduling exams with DSS is dependent on our proctoring schedule and space availability. This may cause faculty and students to agree to take the exam on a different day and/or time than the rest of the class.

How to arrange for DSS to proctor exams.

First, the faculty will need to complete an Alternative Testing Contract. A link to this is located on the Faculty Notification email which lists all of the student’s approved accommodations. On this contract, faculty will need to provide dates and times for exams as well as instructions on how to administer. Please note, students cannot make exam request via their DSS Online Portal until faculty have submitted the Alternative Testing Contract for the course section.

 If there are multiple students in a class with testing accommodations, only one contract needs to be complete. However, if faculty teach multiple sections and have students with testing accommodations in each section, they will need to complete one contract per section.

Once an Alternative Testing contact is completed, the student will then need to login to the DSS online portal to schedule their exam. It is important that students and faculty discuss how exams will be administered. The student will need to submit their exam request at least 7 days before the exam (14 days before finals).

Please note that the DSS Office makes every effort to ensure security and integrity of all exams.

To assist you in administering online exams for students with testing accommodations, we have the following Frequently Asked Questions with useful strategies. 

FAQs for Proctoring Exams Online