Alternative testing accommodations may include extended time, a separate testing environment, use of a computer, calculator, and adaptive equipment. Some testing accommodation will require the student to take exams in the DSS Office.

If the sole testing accommodation is 50% extended time, faculty are asked to proctor the exam. Depending on the schedule of the faculty and student, the student may take the exam in class, in the faculty's office, or in some other predetermined location. Faculty should be sure that the testing environment is quiet, accessible, and that the student will not be unduly interrupted. Faculty may request that students with 50% extended time schedule exams in the DSS Office. If this is the case, faculty should complete the Alternative Testing Contract that was included in the Faculty Notification email from DSS and the student should submit and the online Exam Request.

If the student has more than 50% extended time, uses a computer, utilizes assistive technology/adaptive equipment, or other accommodations faculty is unable to provide, then faculty may work with the student to make arrangements for the exam to be taken in the DSS Office. Whenever exams are to be scheduled in the DSS Office, the faculty will need to complete the Alternative Testing Contract and student will need to submit an Exam Request to DSS. The student should submit the request to the DSS Office at least 7 days before the exam (forms for final exams should be submitted 14 days in advance). On Alternative Testing Contract, faculty are asked to include instructions for how the test is to be administered. Please note that the DSS Office makes every effort to ensure the security and integrity of all exams.