Appeal + Complaint Resolution Procedure

Students who believe they have been discriminated against because of a disability should review the LMU Appeal and Complaint Resolution Procedure for Students with Disabilities form. This form explains how to pursue a concern or complaint with the University.

You are welcome to download a PDF copy of the complete LMU Appeal and Complaint Resolution Procedure for Students with Disabilities form, or you may read the information below.

LMU Appeal and Complaint Resolution Procedure for Students with Disabilities

Federal law requires that Loyola Marymount University (LMU) adopt and publish procedures regarding access to its educational programs for persons with disabilities. LMU complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, as well as state and local regulations regarding students and applicants with disabilities. Under these laws no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to, or participation in, LMU's services, programs, and activities.

LMU recognizes that disabilities may include mobility, sensory, health, psychological and learning disabilities. LMU will make every appropriate effort to provide accommodation and adjustment for all documented disabilities, as required by law. However, consistent with federal and state law, LMU will not make accommodations that would result in an undue hardship or that would fundamentally alter the nature of its educational programs.

LMU Policies and Procedures Regarding the Determination of Qualification for Services and Delivery of Accommodations

Students should be aware that before any type of disability accommodation(s) can be offered, appropriate documentation of disability must be submitted and approved by the Director for Disability Support Services (DSS). This documentation must be consistent with with guidelines outlined on the DSS web page. Appropriate documentation must be submitted for each particular type of disability for which a student seeks accommodation. If the professional(s) completing this required documentation have questions that are not answered by the information on the DSS webpage, it is the student's responsibility to have the evaluating professional contact the DSS Office. The documentation review process by DSS occurs only after all the requested documentation has been received. Students will be informed of the results of the documentation review in a letter from the DSS Office.

Before reaching a decision, the DSS Office may require additional information to determine whether a student qualifies for DSS services or a particular disability accommodation. Any such request will be made in a letter from the DSS Office which will include specific documentation requests and/or list questions that require response or clarification. Once this additional information is received from the evaluator(s), the DSS Director will conduct a new review of the documentation and the student will be informed in writing of the DSS Director's decision.

Students should be aware that faculty or staff cannot approve or provide accommodation to any student without receiving approval from the DSS Office. Students should not present faculty or staff members with documentation about their disability - this information should be provided only to the DSS Office.

If a student is granted disability accommodation(s), the student must complete the DSS registration process and follow all DSS guidelines in order to receive the accommodation(s). The DSS guidelines are available in the DSS Office and are also described on the DSS webpage under Information for Students. Failure to complete the registration process and to comply with the DSS guidelines may result in a student failing to receive accommodation(s).

DSS Complaint Resolution Procedure

Even with everyone's best efforts, it is possible that a difference of opinion may arise concerning the delivery and management of your disability support services. If this should happen, and you believe that additional consideration and review is warranted, we strongly encourage you to utilize LMU's DSS Complaint Resolution Procedure. Students who believe that their request for DSS services and/or accommodation requests have been improperly denied or who believe that they have been discriminated against on the basis of their disability, should follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Contact the DSS Director and review with the Director of the problem or concern.
  2. If a student believes the DSS Director has not adequately addressed the problem or concern, the student should meet with the designated faculty member from the School of Education and submit a written complaint. The complaint should contain the student's name and address and a complete description of the alleged violation(s) of the student's legal rights. The complaint should be filed with the designated faculty member from the School of Education within thirty (30) days after the student becomes aware of the alleged violation(s). During the student's meeting with the designated faculty member from the School of Education, the faculty member will independently review the matters set out in the complaint and review this DSS Complaint Resolution Procedure.
  3. If, after meeting with the designated faculty member from the School of Education, the student remains of the view that the matters set out in the complaint have not been adequately addressed, the written complaint will be forwarded to the Vice President for Human Resources for investigation and decision.

After receiving the complaint, the Vice President for Human resources will review and investigate the matters asserted in the complaint with the student, the DSS Director, the Associate Dean of the School of Education, and any other necessary individuals and gather additional information, as necessary. Following this review and investigation and in a timely manner, the Vice President for Human resources will then render a written decision, addressing and resolving the matters alleged in the complaint. A copy of the decision shall be provided to the student and the DSS Director.

Filing a Complaint with the Office of Civil Rights

The above-described LMU DSS Complaint Resolution Procedure neither prevents nor substitutes for the right of a student to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, a federal agency that oversees enforcement of certain civil rights laws affecting educational institutions. The Office for Civil Rights may be contacted by phone at (415) 486-5555; TDD (877) 521-2172 or via Office for Civil Rights website.

Upon completion of a student's review, the DSS Office sends the LMU Appeal and Complaint Resolution Procedure for Student with Disabilities listed above. Although students only complete this form when they wish to file an official review, the DSS Office asks that all students sign and submit a signed copy of the LMU Appeal Rights Acknowledgement form.