• Proctoring services are available as an accommodation for students registered with the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office who have been approved based on their disability documentation. Once approved for this accommodation, it is the student's responsibility to schedule their exams with their faculty or the DSS Office to receive their appropriate testing accommodations.

    Students using testing accommodations through the DSS Office are responsible for taking their exams at the same time as the class, as scheduled by the faculty. However, there may be times when the extended time causes a scheduling conflict and the student must take the exam at a different time or on a different day. If the exam time or day needs to be changed, the DSS Office will need to confirm this change with the faculty.

Reasons for a scheduling change may include:

  • Back-to-back classes
  • Disability related issues (i.e. medical treatments)

A member of the DSS staff and the faculty will review all other reasons on an individual basis.

The following is prohibited:

  • Scheduling exams at a later date to allow for extended study time, unless approved by the faculty
  • Scheduling exams for the personal preference/convenience of the student

The DSS Office reserves the right to review future requests for proctoring services if any of the above, or a combination of the above, are violated or abused.

Testing center policies:

The DSS student must arrive on time and prepared with the items documented on the testing agreement. Restroom breaks are restricted during exams, unless it is an approved accommodation. Students must check in and show their LMU One Card or other form of photo I.D. to a staff member once they are ready to start the exam.

No personal belongings are allowed in the Testing Room. This Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Water bottles
  • Bags or personal belongings
  • Watches
  • Cell Phones or electronic devices

*Cell phones are not allowed in the Testing Room; if you are caught with a cell phone it will be considered cheating and we will stop the exam and inform the faculty.

Testing room computers are monitored electronically and testing rooms are equipped with video cameras. If a student is suspected of cheating we will stop the exam and report the details to the professor.

Late Policy: Any late time will be included as part of your exam. If you are more than 30 minutes late, DSS may not be able to proctor your exam and may inform your faculty that the exam is cancelled.

Guidelines regarding proctoring services

  • Students requesting proctoring services must be approved for the accommodation
  • Students must request through the DSS Online Services website that their faculty be notified of their approved testing accommodations. Testing accommodations include but are not limited to:
    • Extended time
    • Enlarged materials
    • Modified testing formats
    • Use of a computer
    • Adaptive equipment/software
  • Faculty are encouraged to proctor exams for students with 50% or less extended time.
    • The student should speak to their faculty 7 days prior to any exam or quiz (14 days prior to final exams) to schedule their exam so that they may receive their appropriate accommodations.
  • Students with 75% or 100% extended time, students using a computer, and/or students using any other assistive technology are able to take their exams in the DSS Office.
    • Exams proctored in the DSS Office must be arranged in advance through the DSS Online Services website. Students should speak with their faculty regarding the days and times of exams and schedule them with the DSS Office 7 days prior to any exam or quiz (14 days prior to final exams).
      • If the student turns in a late request for an exam, they will receive a warning from the DSS Office. After 3 warnings the DSS Office may not be able to proctor future exams for the student.
        • If a student makes a late exam request there is no guarantee that the exam will be able to be proctored in the DSS Office, due to space and availability.