Information for Parents

Here at the DSS Office, we understand that parents of students with disabilities are transitioning to college just as much as their child. Up until now you have served as your child's advocate to ensure that their rights have been met and that they were receiving an appropriate education. Now that they are enrolling in college, the roles will be reversed and your child will be expected to serve as their own advocate. Obviously you will still be involved in your child's life, but instead of steering the car, you will become the navigator to help ensure that they are utilizing all the resources that LMU has to offer.

The information on the following pages help to explain to parents confidentiality of disability records as well as differences in the law from high school to college. If you find that you have any questions, please contact the DSS Office at (310) 338-4216.

To learn more about DSS policies, please visit our Information for Students page.