How to Become Involved

Teaching in the classroom

In keeping with its strategic plan, Loyola Marymount University is devoted to encouraging its most talented, outstanding students to apply for nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, and awards. LMU students are competitive for these awards, and they need your help in attaining scholarships and fellowships that speak to their academic, personal, intellectual, and professional goals. This section of our website is dedicated to providing basic information on how to act as a mentor and guide for potential applicants, as well as how to assist them in the actual application process. 

At this level of competition, the students and ONIF rely on the assistance and commitment of the LMU faculty in aiding students in the application process, which may include acting as a "sounding board" for student proposals, providing intellectual and emotional support, and/or writing strong letters of recommendation.  Generally, we ask that you serve as a mentor for these applicants, and if possible, work with them to improve their proposals and statements. In addition, serving as a panelist on a mock interview is a great way to be involved in the fellowships advising process.

Here are some basic tips on how to be involved in the national awards process:

  • Encourage first-year students and sophomores to start thinking about scholarships early
  • Encourage students to engage in self-reflection, define their goals, identify research award opportunities that match these goals and aspirations, and have them make an appointment with a University Advisor. Direct them to materials (look under faculty resources on our website for printable materials for students). Advise students not to wait until their last year of college to apply, because the process itself helps to refine these goals and interests further.
  • Encourage students who are already scholarship winners or have been recognized by the LMU community in some capacity to apply for national awards. Most people who win national awards have been given university awards such as merit-based scholarships. One scholarship tends to lead to another.

As a member of the faculty, the scholarship application process can involve faculty in the following ways:

  • Writing Letters of Recommendation
  • Serving on campus selection committees, the faculty committee, or acting as an award advisor/nominator
  • Participating in mock interview scholarship panels
  • Acting as an advisor/mentor on personal statements, proposals, CVs, etc.

Please learn about scholarships and fellowships available to students in your discipline, and consider serving on a Fellowships Committee.