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Did you know that research opportunities exist in every discipline and field of study? They include STEM and humanities-focused opportunities, community-based projects, endeavors in the creative arts, and more!

Meaningful research experiences provide numerous benefits to students that frequently include: 

  • Development of invaluable critical and analytical thinking
  • Advanced writing and communication skills
  • Increased academic achievement
  • Relationship building with faculty mentors
  • Career and graduate school exploration

Explore research opportunities within these pages and reach out to ONIF with any questions.


Off-Campus Research
On-Campus Research
Most off-campus research opportunities occur during the summer and include room & board, travel to and from the research site, and a generous stipend (like a paycheck) for their work. The Office of Research & Creative Arts (ORCA) offers several on-campus research opportunities including the Independent Undergraduate Research Program and the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).
Fellowships like Millennium and CGI U allow students to design their own projects, including on-campus initiatives. LMU's Centers and Institutes typically offer research opportunities, including research assistant positions, for both undergraduate and graduate students. Explore their webpages for more information.