Dillon Rinauro '19 speaks at ONIF BrunchFellowships are competitive awards from external foundations or organizations seeking to support tomorrow's leaders.

Sometimes called scholarships, fellowships may fund tuition, room and board, research, internships, language acquisition, self-designed projects, or short-term career placement programs. However, this is not an exhaustive definition as new fellowship opportunities continue to emerge. More broadly, a fellowship is an enrichment opportunity that supports your academic and professional goals. Additionally, ONIF helps students identify and apply for off-campus research experiences for undergraduates (REUs)

Fellowships are available to students of all academic levels and typically require detailed applications, including compelling essays and supportive letters of recommendation. Some fellowships also require academic proposals and overseas sponsors. But don't worry! It is our job to guide you through all of this.

To begin, feel free to explore the links on this website which is updated frequently. Then, before continuing, meet with ONIF, to find out if the fellowship for which you would like to apply requires a university endorsement. For some fellowships, you do need institutional sponsorship and, unless LMU supports your candidacy, you cannot apply.

Don't miss a chance to enhance the future while enriching your present!

Fellowships offer fabulous benefits to the best and brightest, most talented and motivated, for international or U.S. study, research, internships, or teaching English. Not only do they pay for you to learn, but they also open doors to fascinating career opportunities and exciting experiences.

Prepare for a life-altering experience that will enable you to effect change in society and propel yourself to your greatest potential and fulfillment.

ONIF supports students in numerous ways. The kinds of support we can offer you may include one-on-one or small group sessions, personal contact with faculty mentors in related disciplines, and a campus selection process whereby from the pool of candidates, LMU endorses, nominates or evaluates our fellowship applicants.

Explore the website to learn more about the opportunities available to you! Remember, you are not expected to be a "fellowship expert". Instead, enlist ONIF as your guide!