What is SURP?

SURP enhances undergraduate education by providing administrative and financial support, academic workshops and on-campus housing opportunities for students wishing to engage in faculty-guided research and creative project opportunities during the summer. 

SURP is a six-week program designed to provide students with insight into the research process. Further, it provides students an academic alternative to nonacademic summer employment. SURP participants are involved in an intellectual community of learners in which leadership, critical inquiry, and communication (written and oral) skills are emphasized.

Throughout the summer, SURP sponsors a number of co-curricular events and outings. Past events have included a welcome barbeque, a guided tour of the Getty museum, yoga, and a movie night. Faculty mentors hold workshops and seminars throughout the summer to help SURP students build their research and presentation skills.  

SURP 2022

SURP is a 6 week program running from May 16, 2022 - June 24, 2022. Click here for more information on SURP 2022 and the to find the application.


Students will hold the title of RAINS Undergraduate Research Fellows and will be awarded up to $1,800. All students will be paid through stipends. Students will complete paperwork after being selected for a research project. 


On-campus housing is available on a limited basis. Please note that students that are first timers to SURP will have priority to on-campus housing. Students that have already participated in SURP may live on campus if space is available. 

This expense will be covered in your SURP award, and will be credited to your account in addition to your research award.  The SURP housing stipend is a set amount determined by the cost of traditional housing during the 6 weeks of SURP.  Any additional time (such as before or after the program) or additional costs is the responsibility of the student. 

Upon acceptance into the SURP program, students who wish to live in on-campus housing must apply for summer housing through the Student Housing Office by their priority deadline. Processing fees will be waived.  

SURP students who wish to request a specific roommate for the summer should do so through the Student Housing Office; if a specific roommate is not requested, SURP students will be housed together. All summer housing will be in apartment-style residence halls. Because of the limited cafeteria offerings on campus during the summer, students should be prepared to go grocery shopping and utilize the apartment kitchen facilities.

For more information on Summer Student Housing, please visit the Student Affairs Divisions website.‌

SURP provides funding for the student’s research hours and the majority of housing cost. The program does not cover research expenses (supplies, travel, etc.)