Rains Faculty Resources

This page is designed to provide information and resources for LMU tenure-line faculty who are applying to, or have received funding from, the Rains Research Assistant Program. General information and FAQs about the Rains program can be found on the main Rains webpage.

General Application Information

The Rains application is administered through the Office of Research & Creative Arts' new platform, Hubb. Hubb is adapted from event planning software and occasionally uses language that references its original use, such as "speaker," "session," or "event." ORCA is working with IT to revise this language. In the meantime, language and association are explained in instructions (e.g., "speaker" for "applicant"). Emails from the platform come from LMU.ORCA@hubb.me.

Please note that the dates provided on the application and the website are guidelines for when faculty can expect to hear back about their applications. They are not strict deadlines. In addition, the date used for turnaround response time is the date of faculty submission, not Chair approval. Chairs do not need to meet this deadline. However, faculty submissions cannot proceed without Chair approval.

Application FAQs

  • The application uses faculty LMU credentials to sign in and enter your name and your Chair’s name. If you cannot find the name you are looking for, it is usually because the LMU username or email is slightly different than you expect. If you still cannot find a name, please email student.reearch@lmu.edu for assistance from the administrative side.

  • The application is asking for a full budget number, complete with a 4-digit project code at the end. The project code for student research is 8570. Please disregard a message of “maximum” amount of characters entered – this means your budget number is correct.

  • The platform restricts submission to one submission per applicant.


    Chairs will receive an email from LMU.ORCA@hubb.me notifying them of applications that need review. This email provides a link to enter the Rains platform.

    Once in the platform, there are instructions on the Grader homepage. Please note that if you have submitted an application of your own, you will need to switch from "Speaker" to "Grader" in the upper left-hand corner. To approve faculty applications (called "Sessions" here) for Approval (called "Grading"), please follow these two steps:

    1. Navigate to the Grading tab above, where you will be able to view the faculty applications you are being asked to approve for your department.

    2. Click on a session title to view the details. Click on Grading to take action and approve/not approve applications.



    All applicants will receive an email from LMU.ORCA@hubb.me notifying them of their application status. This email provides a link to enter the Rains platform.


Resources for Rains Faculty

Accepted applicants will receive an email from LMU.ORCA@hubb.me notifying them that their application has been accepted. This email provides a link to enter the Rains platform in order to provide Rains RA student information, as well as instructions for hiring a Rains RA.

Please note that beginning in 2020-2021, there are two main differences in the hiring process for faculty: (1) Faculty must hire their Rains RA(s) directly in order to be supervisors of record. This is necessary for budgetary tracking and compliance reasons; and (2) faculty are asked to enter their Rains RA student information into the Rains platform. This allows ORCA to effectively track student participation in this program and streamlines the application process. All other steps for hiring, such as completing a Student Employment Authorization (SEA) for your student, remain the same as in past years.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding hiring a Rains RA(s) and supervising their hours. For a more in-depth list of FAQs, please check on the Rains Faculty FAQs page.

Hiring & Supervising Rains RAs FAQs

  • As a Rains faculty, you received an acceptance email from LMU.ORCA@hubb.me with a link to the platform. This is a different link than the application on the website. Please note that because the Rains platform, Hubb, is adapted from event planning software and occasionally uses language that references its original use, such as "speaker," "session," or "event." ORCA is working with IT to revise this language. In the meantime, please know that "Speaker" refers to faculty applicant and "Speaking Engagements" to application, as noted in instructions.

    Below are the steps to enter your Student RA Information:

    1. Please click on Speaker Details, and then Speaking Engagements.
    2. There, you will see your application. Please click on your application, and enter the requested information on that application (you may need to scroll down slightly). Please make sure you save after entering information. This is also where you can also review your application and funding details.

    Need extra help? Click here for a walk-through on editing your sessions. We are working on revising language and minimizing number of clicks.

  • The below information is needed for each student that you plan to hire. Please note that while there is the option to add up to four  (4) students, ORCA recommends hiring no more than two.

    Required Student Information for Each Rains Student:
    Student Name
    Student LMU ID
    Student Email
    Student Standing (Undergraduate/Graduate)
    Amount of Funding Assigned to Student

  • The Student Supervisor Budget Form is required by Budget in order to place a faculty member on the Rains budget number. If this is your first time hiring a Rains RA, or it has been a while, you may need to fill out a Budget Supervisor form before you can hire your student. You will know you need to complete a new Budget Supervisor Form is either the Rains budget number or your Departmental Spillover Number do not show up as options on the SEA.

    Instructions for completing a Budget Supervisor Form, as well as an example form, can be found here: https://lmu.box.com/s/swszrlrmbm0nilbsmnizwpd5p5y77h2a

    Please note that all faculty must hire their Rains RA(s) directly. This is a requirement of the program and is for budgetary tracking and SES compliance reasons. Because of this, support staff and administrative coordinators are no longer permitted to hire Rains RA(s) and cannot be added to the Rains budget. After hiring, faculty can delegate MyTime Approval as they see fit.

  • This process has not changed from past years. A Student Employment Authorization (SEA) Form is required by Student Employment Services to hire all Rains RAs.  Please hire your Rains RA(s) directly by creating a SEA for each student. You do not need to wait for additional approval from ORCA to do so.

    The online SEA can be accessed through MyLMU, or directly here: https://studentaffairs.lmu.edu/activities/ses/supervisors/sea/.

     Instructions for creating an SEA can be found here: https://lmu.box.com/s/c1u8ndun7kdmm60nlpjr89a713gqitfl 

  • Like all LMU employees, students are paid through MyTime and must abide by SES and California labor laws: they can work no more than 20 hours per week during school sessions, 40 hours per week during school vacations, 8 hours per day, and 6 consecutive days in a workweek (Sunday through Saturday). Students must take a break before the 5th hour of work. MyTime must be submitted and approved every other week.

  • Please refer to Rains FAQs.

Requesting Additional Rains Funding

Beyond the Rains General Fund (which is t-work funding so that all students are eligible), Rains also has a limited amount of federal work-study funding through the Rains Additional Assistance Work-Study Fund. This fund provides additional funding for Rains faculty through work-study allocations, and is designed to support faculty research and student participation in research by providing federal work-study positions to students working on faculty Rains research projects. Click here for additional information on this program.

If there is remaining funding in the Rains General Fund after the first rounds of faculty awards, ORCA will notify all accepted Rains faculty that they may request additional funding. This notification would come in early spring of the academic year.