IURP Application

Please read information below before submitting your application: IURP Application

Credit or Compensation

Research projects may be done for funding through federal work study or for academic credit. If you are a RAINS Research Assistant or have already been awarded a research grant for your project, you are ineligible to receive funding or academic credit through IURP. 

Application Process Overview 

Each student applying for IURP must have a Faculty Mentor endorsement. Faculty mentors can sponsor up to five students, and must be the primary mentor for each student's project (e.g., while a graduate assistant, if applicable, can support a faculty member, the faculty must be the primary mentor and supervisor for the project). The student's Faculty Mentor must complete a Faculty Endorsement Form. This form will be automatically sent to your mentor upon submission of your application. 

All materials listed below should be considered before beginning the application process. Completion of the application may take an hour or more. Please note, you may stop and save your application, to continue at a later time. 

  • Applicant Information
  • Project Title
  • Project Description and Research Goals
  • Project Significance
  • Methodology of Research
  • Timeline of Research / Tentative Schedule for Academic Year
  • Background Experience
  • Bibliography of Research References
  • Funds Requested
  • IRB Approval (if applicable)
  • Faculty Endorsement Form

Application Requirements 

Project Description and Goals: Applicants must provide a description of his/her research proposal. The research project's overall objectives and specific goals must be included.

Project Significance: Applicants must explain why the information gained from this research project will be beneficial.

Methodology Applicants must clearly state how he/she plan to accomplish the goals listed in the project description; identifying the specific steps necessary to perform the research.

Timeline: Applicants must provide a detailed timeline for completion of his/her research project goals. The goals listed in the project description should be included. This timeline must include a tentative research schedule for this academic year. Students are permitted to complete up to 10 hours of research weekly with IURP. While it is understandable that this schedule may change, having a structured plan demonstrates preparation, readiness to begin, and is helpful when awarding work-study funds.

Background Experience: Applicants must list any previous research experience he/she may have. This may include applicable course work, other relevant research or past projects within the Office of Research & Creative Arts programs.

Bibliography A list of the sources consulted in preparation of this proposal, as well as any cited references, must be included within the application. 

Faculty Endorsement

The endorsement from a faculty mentor should describe the educational significance of the project for the student, and how the project relates to the mentor's work. This form is automatically sent to the faculty mentor upon submission of the student's application and is also available on our page. 

Criteria for Successful Applications 

Successful applications will be well-developed, with a bibliography of research references and either clear methodology or, if early in the project, a clear explanation of methods deemed necessary to perform the research or creative project. A timeline and schedule for research is essential and Faculty Endorsements are taken very seriously into account. Applications should also clearly demonstrate how the proposed project will achieve the research objective and specific goals and what the applicant hopes to gain from this research experience. While it is understandable that group project applications may be similar, they should not be identical (especially in terms in terms of background experience and project significance) and should clearly reflect the individual applicant's experience and goals.)

Faculty Endorsement Form - For IURP Fellowship Award Applicants ONLY

A recommendation letter is unnecessary. The Faculty Endorsement Form is preferred and will be sent automatically to the faculty mentor upon submission of the student's application. Faculty will receive an email confirmation when the endorsement form is submitted. The form is also available above.