Program Requirements

Requirements for Participation 

  • Students must commit 20 hours per week to their research for the full 6 week program
  • Students' faculty mentor must be a full-time LMU employee contracted to work in the summer (e.g. a tenure-line professor or a qualified staff member)
  • Students will meet regularly with their faculty mentors
  • Students must participate in a minimum of five SURP activities, three of which must be academic (student-mentored gatherings and workshops)
  • Students must participate in the SURP program assessment 
  • Students must apply to present their work, and present if accepted, at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, held in March of the following Spring semester
  • Students must submit an abstract, final reflection & final paper or presentation at the end of the 6 week program 

Title and Compensation

As a SURP participant, you will hold the title of RAINS Undergraduate Research Fellow. The research stipend for the 6 week program is $1,800. 

Public Presentation

It is expected that students participating in SURP will present the findings of their research project or creative activity at a public, professional event. The, a discipline-based conference or exhibit, or a published paper are examples of such activity. Your public presentation should be given at some point during the academic year. If you have been a contributor to a publication, you may submit evidence that the work has been accepted for publication.

Final Abstract

Submission of a final abstract, reflection and paper/presentation (due the last week of the program) to the Office Research & Creative Arts and to your faculty mentor is required.