RAINS Frequently Asked Questions 

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*RA in the content below stands for Rains Assistant

I submitted my Rains application, when will I be notified of approval? 
Rains applications are reviewed by cohort. Application review times are dependent on their submission date. Additional information regarding review deadlines can be found in the link below:
Rains submission and review dates

Where is the student application 
As of AY 2019-2020, students no longer need to apply as part of the hiring process for Rains. Instead, faculty are asked to provide their Rains RA information in Hubb. All hiring and administrative processes for Rains RAs are the responsibility of the faculty. 

What is the pay rate for my RA?
The undergraduate pay rate for research assistants is $15.00 an hour and $15.20 for graduate students.

Can I hire a student as an RA if they are already hired as a graduate assistant in another department?

If the student is already a graduate assistant in another department, they may be hired as an RA IF they are indeed a GA and not another Rains Assistant.

Can I hire more than one RA?
Faculty may hire more than one RA, however we do not recommend hiring more than two. Note that hiring multiple RAs requires the faculty award and respective hours to be split between the students. The allocation of hours between the students is entirely the faculty's prerogative. 

When I was creating the SEA, the only account number that showed up in the drop-down menu was for my department's account, and there wasn't a way for me to manually type in the Rains account number. How should I proceed?
If this is the first time the faculty is receiving Rains, or if it has been a while, the faculty member will most likely need to complete the Student Supervisor Budget Registration Form and submit it to student.research@lmu.edu before having access to the Rains budget number. Both the Budget Registration Form and the instructions for completion can be found on Hubb.

I did not use my Rains funds during the term that I was notified of approval, can I still use them?
Rains funds roll over between terms within an Academic Year (Summer-Fall-Spring).

I wanted to hire this student for x amount of hours. Should I enter the number of hours for award amount in the SEA?
The SEA requires the award amount in funds. Faculty would need to indicate the dollar amount equivalent of the x amount of hours for the specified award amount.