ORCA invites students to participate in the 14th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • SYMPOSIUM | March 18–19, 2022, Friday & Saturday | Arts Showcase (Friday) & Symposium (Saturday)

NOTE: Currently, the Symposium is planning to be in-person with most events held outside on main campus. Additional details are forthcoming. Please contact symposium@lmu.edu with any questions.


The annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) is a chance for undergraduate students to present what they have learned through their research experiences to a larger audience. The Undergraduate Research Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for all members of the LMU community to actively engage with students who have been immersed in thought-provoking questions and challenging global issues. The Symposium includes an arts showcase, poster sessions, and presentation sessions by students from all academic disciplines.

All LMU undergraduates involved in research are encouraged to apply and those not yet involved in research will discover that attending the URS is a great way to learn about the broad range of opportunities available at LMU. On average, over 300 undergraduates participate in the Symposium.

The Symposium includes projects from all disciplines and encourages interdisciplinary discourse, allowing students to learn from each other about a broad range of exciting research topics. To help participants prepare, the Office of Research and Creative Arts conducts Symposium abstract writing, poster design, and public speaking workshops.

Participant abstracts are published in the Symposium Program, and students can include their presentations on resumes and graduate school applications.





Reference Material from Virtual URS 13th:


Q: I can't access the Hubb Portal, what do I do?

If you've signed in previously, you can sign into Hubb using your LMU credentials here: http://urs21.hubb.me/
If you have not accessed Hubb before, check your email Spam folder for an initial invitation. If you cannot find an invitation, please contact us ASAP at symposium@lmu.edu

Q: is this year's virtual symposium Asynchronous or synchronous?

Like last year, Friday will be an asynchronous Preview Day and Saturday will be asynchronous symposium. This means that you are encouraged to both record your oral presentations and/or create your poster presentation and upload it ahead of time, so people can view and comment on it on Friday. Then, on Saturday, both oral presentations and posters will have synchronous presentations.

Q: Can I have more than one file for my presentation?

You are allowed to upload multiple files as multiple box links to Hubb if you feel they are necessary to your project. Please ensure that they are the correct file types: .PDF (for visuals), .mp4 (for videos), .mp3 (for audio)

Q: Can I upload a Google Doc or Youtube/Vimeo Link for my Presentation?

No. Please refrain from using third party links outside of your LMU Box account to upload files into box. See our upload instructions PDF at the top of this page or reach out to as at symposium@lmu.edu if you are having trouble uploading your presentation.

Q: How long does my presentation have to be? 

If you are uploading a video or audio file, we suggest a timeframe of 5-7 minutes. This is not a hard cap and your presentation can be longer if necessary. 

Q: What do I do after uploading my presentation? / How do I participate in the online conference?

Thank you for uploading your presentation! From Friday-Saturday, we encourage students to log into Hubb and view/interact with other students' presentations. You can access them by clicking on the "All Sessions Tab" on the left menu bar. From there you can filter/search for sessions of interest. Once you click on a session, there are evaluation tools for feedback. Giftcards to the LMU Bookstore may be available as prize incentives for students who leave the most feedback on other presentations. Please see the "Evaluations" tab on the left menu bar in the Hubb Portal for more information.