Presentation Formats

Presentation Formats

Students should present in the most appropriate format for their topic: either with a poster, as a panel or group, in an oral manner, or through a live performance/visual arts exhibition. Each session will be moderated by a faculty member. Time limits for each session will be strictly enforced.

Poster Presentation

Poster presentations are displays on poster boards, to be prepared in advance and brought to the Symposium on the day of the event.

Poster dimensions must be 36"x 48" or  48"x 48", and must be readable from at least three feet away. Please notify us no later than Monday, March 6th if your poster will be larger than this. The presentation title must be a minimum of two inches high. The name(s) of the student presenter(s) and faculty mentor(s) must be a minimum of one inch and appear beneath the title.  

Posters will be displayed on tables or on easels (both of which will be provided) for the course of the event. A table for displaying objects, such as models or devices, can be requested instead of the use of a board. Presenters should also be prepared to discuss their project and to answer questions from attendees during their assigned poster session.

Panel Discussions or Round Tables 

 A panel discussion or round table (3 or more people per group) is coherently organized around a single theme. Depending on the number of presenters, a panel discussion or group presentation will be given a time of slot of of twenty or forty minutes, in addition to a question-and-answer period of three or six minutes respectively. Students presenting in this format must submit separate applications/abstracts and decide on their title of panel, which will be the same as all of their group members and required on the application. 

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are fifteen minutes in length with an additional three minutes allotted for a question-and-answer period. Reflections on a Study Abroad experience, an internship, or a service project are particularly encouraged. During an oral presentation, students have the opportunity to use visual aids, such as a PowerPoint presentation. Please see the classroom equipment list for further information. 

Live Performances/Visual Arts Exhibitions

Performing artists (in music, dance, and theatre) follow the format for oral presentations. Each performance is up to fifteen minutes in length with an additional three minutes allotted for a question-and-answer period. Performances must be accompanied by an oral explanation of the work presented. Dancers may perform solo or as part of a small ensemble (up to four dancers). Theatre artists may present monologues or scenes (up to 5 actors).

Visual artists may display their work on tables or easels (both of which will be provided). Films will be screened in the Ahmanson Auditorium. As with poster sessions, each artist should be prepared to discuss their work and to answer questions from attendees during their assigned session.

Equipment Availability

All classrooms in University Hall are equipped with a PC, a DVD player, a 3D Document Camera, and a projector to display media from these devices. Each PC includes standard applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Windows Media Player.

No additional equipment will be provided.