Please read information below before submitting your application.

 SYMPOSIUM, Friday, March 15, 2024

Application link: ORCA Submittable

Application Deadline EXTENDED: February 15th at 11:59pm

Undergraduate students who wish to present at the Symposium must complete the following:

Submit the Symposium Application with your abstract. All students must follow our Abstract Guidelines to be considered for participation in the Symposium. 

*If multiple students are presenting as a group (same abstract), only one application with abstract is required per project, but ALL participating students must be listed accordingly.

* If students are presenting as part of a panel or round table (different abstracts), each member of the panel must submit a separate application and include the same title of panel. Please also list your other panel members on your application.  


Once your submission has been received, the following will take place:

  • The student presenter(s) specified on the application will each receive an e-mail confirming that their submission has been received.
  •  For 2024, each faculty mentor will approve their mentee(s) Symposium participation and abstract. This is different than past years, where a faculty committee will review abstracts in a process that commences promptly following the submission deadline. Thereafter, the student presenter(s) and faculty mentor(s) will receive an e-mail notifying them whether the submission was accepted or denied no later than the specified deadline.
  • Once a submission has been accepted, student presenters and faculty mentors will receive e-mail communication with a schedule for the day's events, the specific time and place of their presentation, and day-of protocol.

All abstracts must be carefully reviewed and approved by the faculty mentor before submission. Students should attend our Abstract Workshops, for helpful tips on how to strengthen an abstract. 

Presentation Options:  

Before submitting your abstract, note that there are five options in terms of presentation format, each with its own submission protocol:

  1. Oral Presentation in Classroom (delivered by paper or PowerPoint).
  2. Poster Presentation Session (text and graphics on a 36" x 48" poster board to present your research individually or in a group).
  3. Film Presentation
  4. Visual & Performing Arts Presentation (painting, photography, graphic design, ceramics, etc., music, dance, & theater - solo or group)
  5. Panel Discussion or Round Table (3 or more people per group)

Only one member will submit the abstract, with information for the other co-presenters being entered at the same time.

For formats 3 & 4, Film and Visual/Performing Arts, written abstracts must be accompanied by electronic submission of a 3 minute excerpt video or digital images. Students will be prompted to upload these supplemental materials within the application. 

For format 5, where several students make individual presentations as a part of a panel or round table, the group will determine the title of the panel prior to submission. Then, during the submission process, each student will submit their own abstract, but the title of the panel will be the same. This common title will allow OUR staff to match the abstracts together.

How long must the abstract be?

Abstracts submitted for the LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium should be one paragraph, no longer than 250 words in length. This is a strict guideline.

How do I get my abstract selected?

Student presenters will be selected based on the quality of their abstract, performance-exhibition excerpt (if applicable) and application materials. A panel of faculty members will review abstracts and arts excerpts, and recommend students for the Symposium.

Will my abstract be published?

Abstracts that meet the following criteria will be chosen for publication in the Symposium Program:  

  • Abstracts that contain all the required abstract components (questions, methods, results, conclusions/implications).
  • Abstracts that are well-written (no typos, grammatically correct).
  • Abstracts that follow the general guidelines for a given field.

All abstracts and application information should be carefully proofread and spell-checked; the Office Research & Creative Arts is unable to edit or correct abstracts. All author names should be included and spelled correctly at time of submission; names will appear on the program as originally submitted. Abstracts cannot be revised after submission.