Faculty Incentive Grants Program (FIG)

Faculty Incentive Grants and Funding Application Procedures


With support from the Provost’s Office, the University Research Council (URC) is delighted to announce the launch of a small grants program designed to help accelerate faculty participation in the competition for extramural support.

The specific purpose of this financial support is to aid a first time external grant applicant or an applicant who has not received an external grant in the last five years in the development of a strong (hopefully successful) proposal to an external funding agency. Individual full time faculty or teams of full time faculty are eligible to apply. The pool of support for this round of funding is $50,000. Activities 1, 3 & 4 described via the tabs on the left require completion of an application form which is which is here‌; be sure to download the form, complete it, and save it under your own name, and submit it to FIGPrograms@lmu.edu


Applications are received on a rolling basis during the 2017-2018 academic year and will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the University Research Council (URC) as they are received. The URC aims to respond to applicants within one month of receipt of the application. This application for funding must be submitted within one year of the agency grant deadline. Funds will be released to the applicant upon award of the grant.

Use of these Funds

The funding provided by this award may be used for activities/supplies that would facilitate the development of the external grant proposal and/or for faculty stipends; faculty stipend portions of the grant funding is not to exceed $1,000 per member of the grant team. The application requires that the applicant provide a brief description of how these grant funds would be used (i.e., an outline of a budget). For example, an individual faculty applicant may request up to $2,000, of which $1,000 may be a stipend, and the other $1,000 for activities/supplies to gather data that are necessary for a particular external funding proposal.

Award Requirements

If the proposal development grant is awarded, the applicant agrees to: post the description of the project on an LMU website, complete a brief project tracking survey, and supply a short reflection on how the proposal development funds made a difference to the process of developing your external proposal, when the external grant application has been submitted or within one year of the award, whichever is earlier.

Questions and Applications

Information concerning various options for FIG funding is provided via the tabs on the left.  Questions, suggestions or ideas concerning FIG should be directed to Martina Ramirez, FIG Coordinator (Martina.Ramirez@lmu.edu). Please submit completed applications to FIGPrograms@lmu.edu.