2. Affinity Group Development Funding

A group of LMU faculty may request funding to support the establishment/organization of an affinity group organized around a particular scholarship/creative work theme/topic; (e.g., an affinity group around the topic environmental sustainability.) This type of support is provided to groups of faculty who would like to develop and establish such an affinity group for the purpose of producing peer-reviewed scholarship/creative work and future grant proposals to support that line of scholarship/creative work. Interdisciplinary groups of faculty, especially groups that span more than one college/school, are especially encouraged to apply.  This type of support may be requested via email to John Carfora, Associate Provost for Research. The email should (in no more than 1-2 paragraphs) identify the faculty/staff who would be in attendance, the purpose of the meetings, and an estimated budget for any expenses (e.g., food) associated with the meeting/discussion. Note: Completion of the application form on the main page is not required to obtain funding for this aspect of FIG.